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The monitoring and management systems of INELCOM allow, using the Internet of things, the monitoring and control of many devices and parameters in a simple way. By making use of sensors and communication modules, we are able to transmit the pertinent information to the cloud, allowing the necessary monitoring and control.

The INELCOM solution allows the integration of modules with any control system of city, industry or company, facilitating management from a single Web application.

Measurements of noise level, air quality, air flow, pressure measurements, liquid flow rate, light level, solar radiation, consumption measurements, cable theft detection, digital signal status, analog signal measurement, are some examples that can be monitored to use the intelligence of the cloud platform and guarantee the user the best possible result.


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about us

INELCOM is a technology company with a strong commitment to its customers, offering innovative and quality solutions, seeking to improve competitiveness, efficiency and the quality of services.

Our Clients receive a comprehensive service that covers the design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and post-installation support of equipment and systems, always keeping in mind the objective of protecting the client’s investment.

INELCOM is a global company, with presence in Spain and Latin America, specialized in turnkey projects with more than thirty years of experience in electronic equipment and systems markets.

With more than 1800 professionals in the field of engineering, telecommunications and information technology INELCOM has a commitment to reduce the operating costs of customers via the design of solutions and the provision of outsourced services, and having presence in many diverse technological sectors.

INELCOM has the capability to develop its own technology via our R&D centers in Madrid and Xàtiva (Valencia), Spain, as well as a production plant located in the latter, from which 100% of the products are manufactured.


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