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Communication of Environmental Performance to External Stakeholders


INELCOM, in its constant effort to minimize its environmental impacts, maintains an environmental management system in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard, therefore the organization:

  • Performs a study of its Environmental Performance, according to its objectives, goals and environmental aspects. In the year 2022, INELCOM he has:
    • Reduced water consumption in the Pozuelo centre by 28 %.
    • Reduced gas consumption in the Pozuelo centre by 21%.
    • Reduced paper consumption at the Xàtiva centre by 7.69%.
    • 24.7% reduction in electricity consumption at the Xàtiva centre.
    • 0.2 % reduction in returns to suppliers.
  • It has a digital platform that helps to monitor compliance with legal requirements in the environmental field and the identification of requirements that are applicable to its activity.
  • Evaluates periodically the environmental aspects, in particular, the generation of waste and the consumption of resources.
  • Performs an adequate operational control of the identified environmental aspects.
  • It has established and implemented procedures for action against possible environmental emergencies, both in the Pozuelo and Xàtiva centers.
  • Hybrid vehicles have been included in the company's vehicle fleet.

Likewise, INELCOM has at its disposal interested parties who request it, information on the environmental aspects indicated and on environmental performance.

Coordinator of the Integrated Management System.

In Madrid, on February 24, 2023 .


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