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Security and Access Control


Given the need to control and protect a large number of geographically distributed sites, INELCOM offers the implementation of a centralized system that allows the reception and identification of a set of security and technical alarms.

This system also performs the control of personnel access through proximity cards, magnetic strips or biometrics, and restriction zones can be defined according to profiles and time codes.

The solution can be complemented with video surveillance and phoning / public address.


  • Description
    • Security system for buildings and facilities with the following functionality:
      • Security alarms.
      • Access control.
      • Two-way communication and public announcements.
      • Video surveillance.
      • It is complemented by technical alarms (earth ground, network analyzers, temperature and humidity probes, etc.).
  • Benefits
    • Detailed electrical consumption measurements providing verification of compliance with savings objectives, detection of possible deviations, identification of new optimization opportunities.
    • Savings in lighting consumption between 20% and 30% can be achieved, (lights on when there is no one, lights on when sunlight does not make them necessary, etc.
    • Savings of between 15% and 25% in consumption in air conditioning through the application of conditional rules and savings policies.
    • Real-time monitoring of temperatures and humidity.


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