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Quality Policy and Environment


The INELCOM corporate group is a technology company with a strong commitment to its customers, innovative offering and quality solutions, seeks to improve competitiveness, efficiency and the quality of our services.

We are a company linked, through our portfolio of products and services, with efficiency and the environment, this vision is within our day to day activities and is an integral part of our company culture.

Quality and the environment are, therefore, a priority in the operation of INELCOM.

The excellence in the quality of the product and the service provided the Customer, are the basis of our daily business activity, which inturn guarantee our future. These activities help us to conserve and improve our environment.

The quality and prevention of pollution is everyone's responsibility, throughout all our processes and at all levels of our Company.

This philosophy is the result of applying the following principles:


1 Comply with the requirements of our client, legal, regulatory, and other requirements that the organization subscribes related to its environmental aspects.

2 Our priority is to satisfy our external and internal customers

3 The continuous improvement in the quality of products, processes, services and procedures is our DNA

4 The continuous improvement in the quality of products, processes, services and procedures is our permanent attitude. 

5 Protect the environment through measures and actions that prevent environmental pollution generated by our activities, as well as through solutions that allow the rationalization of energy and water consumption.

6 We direct efforts to the prevention of errors, rather than to their control and correction.

7 The integration of all in the objectives of the Company is the key to our future.


The Management, through the Quality and Environment Policy, ensures its commitment to the development and implementation of the Quality and Environmental Management System of the Company.


In Madrid, on December 27, 2022


About Us

We are specialists in turnkey projects with more than forty years of experience in the electronic equipment and systems market. We provide our customers with a comprehensive service that includes the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and operation of equipment and systems, always with the objective of protecting their investment.


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