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Service Management Policy


The INELCOM Business Group is a technology group with a strong commitment to its customers, which offers innovative and quality solutions, seeking to improve competitiveness, efficiency and quality of services.

Inelcom's Management is aware of the growing importance of the correct management of services. For this reason, it has established a framework of Service Management strategies aligned with the Business through which the ultimate goal of continuously improving customer service is established, formulating as a general objective the creation of a more innovative service, responsive, efficient and low-risk, which facilitates customer activity, ensuring availability and improving customer satisfaction.

For this reason, the group is committed to the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of a Service Management System (SGS) that, implemented in all its areas of activity, to ensure compliance with the client's specifications, those of the company and those legally established, ensuring effective and efficient planning, execution and control of service management.

The activities subject to the scope are the Management System of the Outsourcing Service of ICT Management Centers: Supervision of communication networks, Management and ticketing of incidents in communication networks, Management of the provision of network elements, Inventory maintenance, Workstation Management (resolution at the client's home of incidents in office equipment and provision of office equipment), Performing asset audits, Call center (answering calls and resolving incidents on the first line in accordance with the catalog current service).

By approving this Policy, the Inelcom Management Committee expresses its commitment and determination to align the Service Management System with the group's business objectives , and for this it undertakes to provide the resources necessary to achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • Establish continuous improvement and innovation as the fundamental principle of Service management.
  • Align this Services Policy with the rest of the Group Policies.
  • Facilitate the commitment and active participation of all the personnel involved in the group's activities, training and raising awareness about service management, so that they are knowledgeable and comply with the defined management activities.
  • Identify and analyze the existing needs around the provision of services and develop the necessary services to give an adequate response to these needs.
  • Develop a complete and efficient management structure that regulates the conditions in which the organization, within the established scope, must carry out its activity to respect the established requirements.
  • Develop all the necessary measures to guarantee that the quality levels offered by the services are maintained over time, adequately managing the incidents that may arise in relation to them.
  • Periodically establish a set of objectives and indicators regarding the management of services that allow adequate monitoring of both the levels of service offered and the management activities developed around them.
  • Comply with all applicable legal, normative and regulatory requirements.
  • Allocate the resources and means necessary to develop services with the quality levels required by customers, maintaining an adequate balance between cost and benefit.

The Management, through the Service Management Policy , ensures its commitment in the development and implementation of the Service Management System.


In Madrid, December 27, 2022


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